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"I would not be playing college lacrosse without Alex."

- Peter, Princeton University Lacrosse, Division 1 Athlete in the Ivy League


The Player’s Coach program works with athletes on any and all issues keeping them from being their best: fears, pressures, failures, doubt, team dynamics, confidence, consistency, and any challenge standing in their way of being 100% as a person, to then perform 100% as an athlete.


"I cannot imagine anyone who is as much of an inspiration to my boys.

Alex teaches them not just lessons for Sport, but lessons for Life.

They will never forget him and we deeply thank him for all that he has done for their lives."

— Richard C


Alex Weber is an award-winning Coach and elite-level Athlete specializing in working with Athletes to be the best people and performers they can be.

Alex was awarded US Lacrosse Coach of the Year, is an American Ninja Warrior, and World Championship Lacrosse player finishing as the 2nd Leading Goal Scorer in the world.


"The passion Alex brings really ignites in me. How much he cares about supporting us to have faith and believe in ourselves."

- Kolin, University of Kansas Football


Each Program is specifically tailored for each Player's unique needs. The pillars of our program are:


1-on-1 Video Sessions

Exercises to increase Performance, Mindfulness, and Well-Being.

Updates with the Athlete's Supporters


The Player's Coach program thoroughly address the challenges keeping athletes from performing their best, and equips each athlete with the tools to achieve their goals.